PJ week is November 27 – December 2

It’s Back! Year #5 of celebrating PJ POWER, and all the positivity it brings! For our annual Pajama Drive we are collecting NEW PAJAMAs for the YWCA of KW. These will be distributed to those using the their emergency housing in the coming winter months. A new pair of pajamas can represent many things to […]

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips from TLC Pet Food

From the TLC Pet food’s Newsletter: Halloween is just around the corner and TLC wants you and your furriest goblins to take part, have fun and be safe. Check out our most important “Halloween Pet Safety Tips”: 1. Choose A Pet Appropriate Costume It’s always fun to bring our pets in on the Halloween fun […]

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Packing a Backpack

It’s back to school time, which means it’s time to dig out the backpack and fill it with stuff for school. Did you know that children in Grades JK – 8 should keep their backpack at less than 10% of their bodyweight? Older students can carry up to 15% of their bodyweight in their backpacks. […]

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Tick Prevention

TLC Pet Food recently posted an article on tick prevention and what to do if you find a tick on your dog. Visit here for the full article. Here are some highlights: Ticks are common in many North American holiday destinations. Tick bites can lead to Lyme disease, and other negative health effects. It is […]

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This April, the staff at WNCM took part in Earth Day by helping clean up garbage at our local park.  However, looking after Mother Earth is our responsibility each and every day. WNCM tries to keep our carbon footprint down by using recyclable materials (we produce less than one bag of garbage per week!), using natural cleaning […]

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Take the Stairs and Climb Your Way to Health

Did you take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator? If so, you made a great decision for your health! It helps to boost your cardiovascular health, improve muscle function and helps control weight gain. Regular physical activity can reduce lower back pain, increase life expectancy and reduces your risk of injury.  According to […]

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Pajama Drive for KW-YWCA Emergency Shelter

Our annual Pajama Drive has started! From now until December 11th we will be collecting pajamas for the residents at the KW-YWCA emergency shelter in Kitchener. This facility provides emergency shelter for women, their children or single dads with children. For Christmas, their residents each receive a brand new pair of pajamas. During Pajama Week, November […]

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Buying a Backpack

Size is everything Choose a backpack that is proportionate to body size and not larger than needed.  The top of the pack should not extend higher than the top of the shoulder, and the bottom should not fall below the top of the hipbone. It’s all in the material Select a backpack made of lightweight […]

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Construction on Weber Street at Dutton Dr

Construction will begin July 11 at Weber St. and Dutton Dr as work continues for ION transit. Dutton Dr., the road off Weber in between Parkside Dr. and Albert St, will be closed for several weeks.  Full closure or lane reductions on Weber St. may be present on one or both directions during this work. For more information click here. […]

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Get Active Outdoors!

Summer is finally here! It’s time for swimming in lakes, running in grass and relaxing in sunshine. Soak up everything summer has to offer by spending it outdoors. Did you know that spending time in nature can have a big impact on your mental and physical health? Interaction with your natural environment can help boost mood, […]

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