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This April, the staff at WNCM took part in Earth Day by helping clean up garbage at our local park.  However, looking after Mother Earth is our responsibility each and every day. WNCM tries to keep our carbon footprint down by using recyclable materials (we produce less than one bag of garbage per week!), using natural cleaning products, and using minimal electronics – just to name a few of our efforts to minimise environmental strain. Here are a few ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint:


  1. 1. Keep the car in the garage! Walk, Bike, Rollerblade or Scooter your way though a day with cleaner air! Just one day can make a huge difference!
  2. Fight back against the Phantom Menace – The Force is with you! Turn off, and unplug sources of Phantom Electricity. This is any electronic piece of equipment that has a clock, a digital timer, or a standby mode. These are sucking energy constantly even though they are not in use! Your energy bill will thank you too!
  3. Rrrrrrroll back on waste! Treat yourself and invest in a reusable coffee cup. It keeps your drinks warmer and our roadside clean!
  4. Reduce your Foodprint! When stalking up on food, try to keep it local. We are lucky to be surrounded by a region of amazing food producers, whose products have not used up litres of gasoline to find its way to your table. A happy local economy and a happy environment is a win win for everybody! Need some help finding your local source? Visit foodlink’s website to see all the local food available – 
  5. Take action! Let your voice be heard! Let your local, provincial, and federal governments know you care. Environmental change happens on an even larger scale when constituents make their concerns on issues known through letters, phone calls and attending meetings. Yes it takes a little more effort than 144 characters, but the impact will be worth a lot more!

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