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Choosing the Right Shoes

When buying shoes it is sometimes difficult to tell if you are looking at a shoe that will give you good support. Name and price don’t always ensure quality. Here are four quick tests you can do to help pick out the pairs to try...

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Does My Pet Need an Adjustment?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY ANIMAL? If you, or your animal, have never been to a chiropractor before you will find that the chiropractic approach to your health is much different from what you have been exposed to all of your life. No...

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When Should Children be Adjusted?

SIX TIMES IN THE FIRST YEAR: 1) AT BIRTH – birth can be a traumatic event and these subluxations can lead to colic, SIDS, asthma, etc. 2) RAISES HEAD – the neck curve develops at this stage so make sure that it has formed 3)...

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