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Back Care Cooking Tip

Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to lift your turkey (or any other heavy pan) out of the oven. Take care of your back this Thanksgiving weekend and keep your back straight and bend your knees to lift your...

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The Importance of Vitamin D

Unfortunately, colder and darker days are coming and with that it will be harder to get enough vitamin D from sunshine for our bodies. Vitamin D is important for many reasons: – supports a healthy immune system –...

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Bridge Pose Stretch

If you need to release some tension in your back give Bridge pose a try. Lay on your back with your knees bent, hands at your sides and raise your hips toward the ceiling. This pose also improves digestion, revitalizes the legs...

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New Bus Route Changes

As of June 21st***  If you reach our clinic by bus, please check for route changes. With the launch of ION there will be significant changes to the bus routes and some your journey may now be by train. ION service starts June 21...

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