Vitamin D is essential to the health of bones, muscle, your heart, immune system and more, but does it matter which form it takes? Vitamin D appears in two main forms: Vitamin D2, available in plants and fortified foods, and vitamin D3, the natural form produced in the partnership between skin and sunshine and also found in some animal foods like egg yolks, dairy and oily fish, or in supplement form in D-Mulsion. Recently it has been revealed that D3 is the most effective at bringing blood levels up to optimal status. So how do you get more? Even though we can get a large percentage of Vitamin D from the sun in the summer, you still want to protect yourself with sunscreen and coverage in the summer to avoid sunburn and the over exposure risk of skin cancer. This is when it is handy to have a supplement on hand, like Seroyal’s D-Mulsion available at WNCM. Easy to take in drop form with a hint of lemon and safe for the whole family, it is a great way for the whole family to receive the benefits of Vitamin D all year long.