With my husband working from home since the middle of March, that affords me the opportunity to occasionally escape the house while James is sleeping.  I’ve used some of this novel time to patiently rebuild my running.
During the cool mornings, the earth is still firm enough that the trails aren’t too muddy.  All is quiet, aside from my breathing and the birds singing their spring songs.  I have now added back enough mileage to visit the pine grove on the far side of the forest where, during a 12km run in 2015, Greg got down on one knee.  Compared to previous years, I’m not running far, and certainly not fast, but am enjoying each step.
I relished returning to the clinic and seeing patients for the first half of March.  We will resume again, but for now everything is put on hold indefinitely as the province, country, and world grapple with a shared threat.
Staying close to home without visitors has become dedicated time to help James learn and practice good daytime and nighttime sleep habits.  There are ups and downs, for sure, but as this learning has progressed, I haven’t needed to flop into bed as soon as James nods off.  Good sleep for the baby makes both of us healthier and happier.
Perhaps you’ve had more time to reflect, reconnect with others virtually or rediscover things in your house that you no longer need!  Let’s remember everyone who is working diligently to keep us safe, fed and supported, as well as remember those who are especially struggling with social isolation.
It’s challenging, but there’s hope that with continued vigilance the public health measures to contain virus transmission will have us closer to our usual lives in a few months.  For now, let’s get some sleep and find something to smile about everyday.
~ Rebecca