With the spring weather finally here, many of you are looking forward to spending time in the garden.  Here are some important tips to keep your back healthy as you challenge it with tasks you likely haven’t done for many months!!

ave the right tools for the task at hand
nsure you drink plenty of fluids
lternate between light and heavy jobs
ift correctly
ake frequent breaks
eavy loads should be shared
our feet should be protected with thick-soled, supportive shoes

efore you start, warm up your muscles
void muscle strain, learn the right techniques
hange positions frequently
neel to plant and weed
pinal check ups can keep your back healthy

Speak to Dr. Blackburn or Dr. Heick for more details or to review safe positions and proper bending and lifting strategies!

Additional ‘Plant & Rake Without the Ache’ information from the Ontario Chiropractic Association can be found here.