At Waterloo North Chiropractic and Massage, we have some fantastic clients! Have a look at what some of those clients have to say:

“What can you expect? To have expectations exceeded! Thanks to WNCM my family and I are healthier and happier.” – Eden H.

“When we adopted our dog, a shepherd/collie cross, she came with a badly injured but now ‘healed’ hind leg.  We took her to our vet who recommended Dr. Heick for chiropractic appointments. What a difference it has made! Dr. Heick has put her hips in alignment which has helped her build up muscle equally in both legs so she can run and play without her hip ‘popping out’ like it used to, causing her pain. Our vet is amazed at the difference in our dog’s leg and we’re so grateful that she recommended Dr. Heick to use and hope that our recommendation will help others find similar success. “ – Amanda H.

“I have always had great experiences at this clinic, and would (and do) recommend it to friends. I have had the opportunity of having been treated by Dr. Heick, Dr. Blackburn and Bobbie-Jo. All have helped me very much. Also having massage treatments to from Jenelle (although she is my daughter). I feel that she is also very good. Everyone including reception are very friendly and professional.” – Shirley D.

“Going to Dr. Jen has had a major impact on the quality of my life. I sleep so well at night – I have more energy and I overall feel much healthier. I cannot thank this amazing team enough!” – Kate B

“Adrienne is always so great with each visit. She targets my areas that are causing me grief but ensures I receive a well-rounded treatment Her friendly and accommodating demeanor makes me feel comfortable and at ease.” – anonymous

“I received an amazing (combined) treatment from Bobbie-Jo (massage) and Jackie (reflexology). My sinuses, which had been congested for over 1 ½ weeks, cleared right away. Thank you!” Rhonda

“The one thing they don’t tell you when you start a new workout program is that you night hurt yourself or strain muscles. I think chiropractic has been really helpful to keep me on track and out of pain.” – anonymous

“I find that I am assured of ease and comfort in the treatment offered.” Elsie

“Without Dr. Heick’s wonderful treatment to help with our back problems our lives would be a much more pain filled time! The whole team does an excellent job! Thanks for the relief!” – Barb and Ken
“The winter after I turned 47 my shoulder started to get sore. That Spring, baseball started and it loosened up but once ball ended it got sore again. The next year it took about a month into the ball season before getting loose, so that Fall I decided to join curling to keep it moving. That Summer it just seemed to get more stiff and sore making me alter the way I threw the ball and my mobility got worse. It affected the way I swung the bat and golf. That Fall as soon as ball ended it got so sore I could hardly move my arm. It started keeping me up at night as it would wake me up from the pain. I couldn’t curl that Winter because of the pain. I went to my doctor and she sent me for x-rays and ultrasound. She told me there was nothing medically that could be done other than prescribing pain killers, but upon request gave me referrals for massage and physio. After talking to Jen at Waterloo North Chiropractic she convinced me to see Rebecca for Graston. I had figured my ball playing days were over. After treatments for a couple months and with Rebecca’s approval decided to play ball again. The start of the season I couldn’t throw overhand and could only hit singles. With continued treatments things started getting a lot better I could finally throw and also hit my first home run in years. I was excited things were getting better. The year end tournament our shortstop got hurt and I played turning two double plays and throwing out two at first base. The second game of the weekend I hit two more home-runs and we ended up winning the championship. I owe it all to the great work of Rebecca and have told her so. I am now still pain free and curling once again and am looking forward to next summer. I still see her once a month just to keep things good, but so far pain free and full mobility is back. Thank yo Waterloo North, just wish I would have started earlier” – Dave M.


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